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 The Problem



Millions of children in Kenya live in the streets and work as underage laborers they face injuries, drug abuse, abandonment, sexual abuse and engage in anti-social activities.

Nafsi runs an arts training program in the slums, streets, and slum's schools using acrobatics, painting, dance, yoga, photography and videos as tools to reach out to the children and identify them with centers and schools that would accommodate them.

We have also been running arts programs in schools in the slums of Kenya.

The problem we are constantly aware of is, the schools lack educational resources, and the hardships these children g through on a daily basis. We are working towards the betterment and development of these children and their communities.




 Nafsi Africa Street Children Empowerment Program


Nafsi Africa Acrobats is a Group of contemporary social artists with limited education and poor backgrounds who have defied all odds to make a positive significance in the society.

We are not only driven to do shows and improve our welfare as artists but also think systematically about how to make improvements in the way society operates.

We believe in the mantra and insist that profound social change is possible.

Nafsi Africa Acrobats Started in a community with retrograde social attitude, with limited resources, no access to good education, no financial support and no access to art networks.

But we found out that with enough energy, tenacity and business sense the strength of our initiatives would gain momentum and eventually become new paradigm for social change. We have passion, talent, genuine strong concepts and are eager to learn and grow, so we believe there is a big space for us to spark social change.

Almost 90 percent of our annual income has been coming from performances and 50 percent of this we use in giving back to the community.

Some of Nafsi Acrobats artists were not so good in school, lacked school fees and opted to drop out of school. But the thing we are really good at (Arts) gives as an outlet to be forceful, creative, and in control.





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