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Culture Of Arts/Kunnst Kultur' Danida Project

The Culture Of Arts project coordinated by Nafsi Africa Acrobats and Danish collaborating organizations (Quonga Theatre Network and Cirkus Tværs)

Partly funded by Danida through Sarakasi, Nafsi Africa Acrobats and some Danish funding Organizations.

It deepened cross-cultural learning and civic engagement through Media Art (Internet, photo and

 video), which ended up in some workshops, exhibition and the S-O.K-O Festival on 26th January


The word S-O.K-O is derived from the Kiswahili word for a cultural harvest market but literally and deliberately abbreviated as;

S - Sauti / Stemme

O - Our voices/ Our Stories

K -  Kultur

O - Our cultures/ our heritages.


Stemme and Sauti means voice in Danish and Kiswahili respectively,

Kultur Means culture? in Danish.


S-O.K-O Festival was an interactive one-day event to exchange, learn from each other the diversities and similarities in Kenyans and Danish cultures and Arts through performances, workshops, forums, exhibits, and an outdoor market place.

Aims/ Objectives/ Goals of the activities :

   The media art will explore and create a platform for critical discourse, series of inter cultural interaction and arts dialogues, as an essential role to building bridges together between Denmark and Kenya artists.

   Encourage the artists towards social responsibility, and to use arts as a product of the creative imagination that can express the problems the real world faces such as addressing social exclusion and ethnic intolerance.

   Artists as citizens have the responsibility of attention to create standards of ethical behaviour and contribute towards political and cultural changes in the society. 

   Encourage freedom of thought and expression of cultural diversity, which improves quality of life and full exercise of civil rights.

     The - SOKO- festival aims at sensitizing Kenyans to appreciate their roots, cultural backgrounds, ethnicities and races, cultural manifestation, artistic expressions, shared history, community life, and through this building a peace culture and harmony.

           Kenyans to learn more about Denmark from its tradition, cultural to contemporary