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About Us

The Nafsi Africa Acrobats is a registered CBO (Community Based Organization) located in Nairobi, Kenya.  Nafsi is a collaboration of artists and performers from the slums and ghettos around Nairobi that use the arts (both visual and performing) to teach a sense of community, respect, self-empowerment, culture, and development to children and youths in the ghettos and slums around the city.

Nafsi began as an idea by a group of youth artists in Kivuli Centre, located in the Kawangware slums, under the sponsorship and support of Koinonia Community. In the year 2000 Nafsi Africa Acrobats became a reality and is now an independent entity. In the year 2003 Nafsi informally began out-reach programs, which have now become the main objective of this CBO.

Nafsi prides itself on the professionalism of the trainers and artists, many of whom have traveled internationally to perform. Originally coming from impoverished backgrounds- a majority of the peoples living in Nairobi live in poverty- these artists have worked hard towards their dreams, and hope to fulfill the dreams of the children and youth who they now teach. Nafsi artists and trainers work towards uniting artistic talents for display to raise awareness of community issues through performance, act as role models for the community, preserving talent and culture, curbing idleness, social injustices, and poverty in their local communities by forming art related projects to rehabilitate disadvantaged children.


History of Nafsi 

⦁ Under the K.C.D.F “Changamoto” funding did a Project “Saana mapipani” (Arts in from the Bins). An empowerment Project for Street Children and produced a documentary on the same named striding from the streets.
⦁ Travelled to Italy and exhibited a notable performance “Peace-Pace” in Bergamo, Milan, Mirandola, Matera and Firenze.
⦁ Also gave workshops, master classes and attended discussion forums, interviews in Televisions and made news in Bergamo Newspaper.

⦁ Travelled to Holland  on a Mundial drama, dance and acrobatics Exchange programme with Fonte school.
⦁ Travelled to Torino- Italy for the Agape  Ecumenico Global Youth Conference the theme being environmental conservation. 
⦁ Travelled to Holland to give workshops to Refugee children on invitation by the Circus capriool.
⦁ Travelled to Tanzania and Ghana on exchange programme with cultural performance groups in Tanzania (Tunahaki children home and bagamoyo arts center) and Ghana(Niyam dancers).
⦁ Joined Yogis by participating in the Global Mala Peace Event in Nairobi. 

⦁ Travelled to Zambia to give workshops and Acrobatics training to the  Koinonia Muthunzi children home in Lusaka.
⦁ Travelled to Norway for a 6mins performance organized by Artist galla and Dinamo Story to fundraising for Red Cross.( Dinamo Story-Norway (
⦁ Helped in restoring Peace and preventing genocide in Kenya through our Pyramid of Peace initiative (
⦁ Travelled to Lithuania and Latvia and attended the European Union Thematic Network forum hosted by our online Forum- Minciu Sodas Laboratory.
⦁ Under K.C.D.F  “C hangamoto” funds run a Peace/ Poverty eradication sensitization Project coined “ Viatu”
⦁ Managed to raise over 2000 shoes that were distributed through the Peace caravan running through the turmoil affected regions.
⦁ Participated in the International Political Conference in Agape Ecumenico center- Torino, Italy- whose theme of "Identities and Boundaries"
⦁ Did a two months perfomance tour through Milan, Torino, Lecce, Bari, Rome, Toscana, Pisa and Melpingano in Italy.

⦁ Did a three months tour through Various Italy cities.
⦁ Participated in the International Political Camp in Agape Ecumenico Center in Torino, Italy.

⦁ Did a three  months tour through various Italy cities.
⦁ Participated in the International street Artistists festival  in Berlin, Germany organised by Berlin Lacht
⦁ Participated and won the 2010 International Contemporary Circus Festival « Prize of Young Artist of "Sul Filo del Circo Festival" in Grugliasco-Italy  (

Others- Took yoga events to the nomadic tribes-maasai- under “Karma Kula yoga Project”, Did an Africa/ Indian symbiosis choreographed Show coined “Nyungu”(Pot), Participate in the annual Nairobi Peace March organized by Koinonia community.
Performed in the Barclays English Premier Cup tour around Kenya, Annual performances at the Oltukai Amboselli lodge.

Friends of the late Mariah Agnes initiate a  Nafsi's weekly Street Children out outreach program face one

Nafsi Peace Tour 2011
⦁ Circustad festival Rotterdam, Holland
⦁ Cest is the Best festival Zagreb, Croatia
⦁ Ravena music festival Italy
⦁ Extreme Convention Antwerp, Belgium

⦁ Friends of the late Mariah Agnes funds Nafsi's weekly Street Children out outreach program face two
⦁ Organising a Thai yoga massage classes in collaboration with the Croatia Thai Yoga teacher
⦁ Organising series of workshops In Holland in collaboration with circus ELLEBORG Amsterdam
⦁ Berlin Latch Street Artist festival, Germany
⦁ Art Village Forgia, Rome. working with immigrants in Italy
⦁ AGAPE ECUMENICO CENTRE- Discussion on climate change and workshops
⦁ Inter cultural exchange with families and youths in Turin, Italy.
⦁ Working in partner with Amnesty Rome.

⦁ Friends of the late Mariah Agnes funds Nafsi's weekly Street Children out outreach program face three
⦁ DANIDA FUNDS CULTURE OF ARTS. Partnering with two artistic Danish organisation. Organising the SOKO festival in KIBERA, Nairobi, Kenya.
⦁ Participating in Quonga festival Denmark and running a series of shows in DENMARK, NORWAY and Italy
⦁ Berlin Latch Street Artist festival, Germany
⦁ Avignon theatre and street arts festival, Avignon, France
⦁ Porsgrunn theatre and street festival. Porsgrunn, Norway
⦁ Rome Juggling festival. Rome, Italy
⦁ collaboration with the AFRICAN FOOTPRINTS INTERNATIONAL(Ghana, Burkina Faso, Denmark and Kenya) creating a one hour show named Moving on performed in Aarhus, Denmark and a series of school and paces in Denmark